Zeca School of Arts and Technology remote learning plan

ZECA School of Arts and Technology Remote Learning Plan


Remote Learning Definition:

Remote Learning is defined as learning that takes place outside of the traditional school setting using various media and formats, such as but not limited to video conference, telephone conference, print material, online material or learning management systems.

Focus of remote learning will be to keep all students engaged in quality learning experiments and to maintain close connection with the wellbeing of all students.


Instructional format

  • ZECA School of Arts and Technology will utilize google classroom for grades k-8 to provide remote learning.  All classroom will engage with students using ZOOM for a total of 4 hours per day.
  • Lessons will be designed using ZECA’s progressive continuum guides which are aligned to the NC Standard Course of Study
  • A weekly schedule will be posted in the google classroom for parents and students to follow.  The schedule will describe in detail each instructional block.  Parents will have focus instructional blocks which will not require any content instruction but will require parental support to ensure their child participate.
  • Parent blocks are noninstructional and include activities such as D.E.A.R (Drop everything and read) I ready online instruction, Journal writing, etc.
  • Teachers blocks will be instructional blocks including reading, math, science, social studies and social and emotional


Instructional Day

  • Students will engage in the google classroom with teacher interaction 4 days per week.  Monday’s will be catch up Monday used for completing any pass due assignments.
  • Teachers will participate in professional development on Mondays
  • Teachers will hold office hours during parent instructional block for support, feedback and small group instruction if necessary.


Exceptional Children

  • Students with IEP’s will be expected to participate in the general classroom zoom settings with teachers providing modifications according to the students’ IEP
  • All students with IEP’s will also have an additional zoom session scheduled during parent instructional blocks for EC services.
  • EC students will be assessed when school resume to determine if any compensatory education services are necessary
  • Speech students will be provided telecommunication services if such services are available from the contracted vendor.  If such service isn’t available compensatory services will be provided.


Access Policy

  • ZECA is a one to one school for students in grades k-8.  The access policy will be revised to allow any student without computer access at home to take home their chromebook
  • Students without internet access will be provide work packages and zoom phone number so they can participate in the zoom lessons via phone


Evaluation of students’ progress

  • Students in k-8 will be expectation to complete class assignments, inclusive of test and quiz on work completed with the teacher in the google classroom
  • Grades will be collected and maintained in a google spreadsheet
  • Parents will be provided feedback weekly on their child’s progress
  • Students will be provided feedback weekly and reminded using a checklist of which assignments must be completed on catch up Monday’s
  • Feedback will also focus on student growth, participation and needed improvement
  • Retention decisions must be approved by the principal
  • Work samples from the online classroom will be collected and maintained



  • All students are expected to log into zoom session by computer or by phone
  • Attendance will be taken for each teacher led instructional block and maintained in an excel spread sheet
  • If a student does not show up in the zoom session parents will receive a phone call or text to check on the wellbeing of the student/family
  • Students will not be dropped from the school roster based on attendance


Student Well being

  • All k-8 classrooms will continue to mediate using the school’s mediation melody 2 times per day
  • Students will also participate in mobile mental brain breaks that promote movement while working in the zoom classroom
  • School lunch and next day breakfast will be provided to all students via the school bus route.
  • Addresses for car riders will be added to the lunch route


Parent Support

  • A series of virtual parent training will be provided to provide virtual classroom tips, zoom training
  • Parent orientation will discuss google classroom, daily at-home schedule, teacher office hours, attendance, assignments etc.
  • Tech support will be available for parents Tues-Fri from 9 am to 2pm
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