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  • The Beginning 2013-2014
  • Message from the Director

    Z.E.C.A. School of Arts and Technology (Z.S.A.T.) will aim to effectively prepare students to be globally competitive learners and develop their skills needed for the 21st century.  Our staff is committed to instilling in our students the love of learning and an appreciation for intelligence in its multiple forms.  Z.E.C.A. School of Arts and Technology will utilize the arts to encourage a better understanding of the cultural diversity of the world.

    Z.E.C.A. staff will be compassionate educators who build positive relationships with students and inspire them to not only dream the impossible, but to reach the impossible.  Our staff will prepare students to be creative thinkers, effective communicators, skillful problem-solvers, motivated learners and equip them to use higher-order thinking skills.

    At Z.S.A.T. we will improve student learning through project based learning, integration of arts into the core curriculum, technology instruction and cooperative learning.  Throughout the year, students will highlight their works and talents in performances and exhibits in and around the Jacksonville, NC area.

    -Stacey Owens-Howard, Executive Director

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