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******Open Enrollment******

We are now accepting applications for the 2021-2022 school year. Open enrollment will begin on February 1st and will end on June 7, 2021.  If necessary the lottery will occur on June 10 and families who are accepted can begin enrollment paperwork on June 11.

Enrollment Applications

Applying to Zeca School of the Arts 2021-2022 Academic Year Steps:

1. Enter the word "Lotterease" in your internet browser to access the Lotterease Home Page or click the following link

2.   Click "Parents"

3.    Click "Login"

4.   Click "Registration" to create a new account. (Keep a record of your email and password, we do not have access to retrieve either of them.)

Reminder: As you continue the process, enter the name of each child you intend to register according to the child's expected 2021-2022 Grade Level.

5.  Click "Applicant List" to access Zeca School of the Arts and Technology from the school list.

6.  Click the "lottery" appropriate to your child's Grade Level for the 2021-2022 school year, NOT your child's current Grade Level.

7. Follow any additional instructions to complete the Registration.

8. Reminder: CLICK "Submit" as directed after each section or entry.



If there are more applications than openings in any grade level, a lottery will be conducted to ensure fairness in the selection process. Families will be notified in writing of lottery results.  Enrollment forms are due two weeks after notice of acceptance.

Waiting list

A waiting list for each grade level is implemented when all slots are filled.  Students on the list will be contacted if and when an opening occurs.  Applications are added to the waiting list in the order that they are received.  Only applications that are complete will be added.